A Little Bit More About Michael At NewBizHelp.org

Welcome to my site newbizhelp.org, my name is Michael. I have been trying to make money online now for over 6 years. My online journey has not been an easy one. I think I took the hardest route possible to get where I am today. As I ponder my skill level I definitely think I am an expert when It comes to what not to do. I know a lot about what you should do as well. I built this website in the hopes that I could offer some help and advice to new online business owners. Just to put it out there. Hopefully, I will make a buck or two for my efforts as well.

A Little Bit About Me

My story is a story, I don’t have anything that entertaining to put down here. I thought about making some shit up. But there is quite enough of that online already. This is not a dating site bio either. So I am not going to list all my attractive qualities. Like I said my journey has not been an easy one.

I am not a guru, and I ain’t no millionaire. Actually, I am not even that financially secure. Someday I hope I will be better off and all this hard work will pay off.

I am starting to feel successful, now that I have made some money I feel better and better. Just a couple of months ago I was ready to throw in the towel and call it quits. But things are really starting to turn around for me.

As previously stated I am not quite an expert yet in what a person should do, but I feel confident I can offer some expert advice when it comes to online business.


I want to help people for my own selfish reasons. It feels good when you help others. Every time I know that I helped somebody avoid one of the pitfalls that tripped me up it makes me happy. It is easy for me to say I like money When I help people find products that solve their problems I usually get a little compensation for my troubles.

I want to be my customers’ go-to guy when it comes to affiliate marketing. I know that by being honest and always telling it how it is, people will learn they can trust the products I recommend to them. It is a lot of work operating this website. 


As previously stated the overall goal is for me to make some money for all my hard work. Along the way to accomplishing that I really like helping people as well. I hope that along the way I am able to give the help others really need.

If you ever need a hand with anything online business related or have any questions. Feel free to send me an email to the address below. 

On the bottom right corner is a link to facebook messenger. The left bottom corner is my chatbot you can interact with him if you like. Well, I guess it time for me to say goodbye.

Remember sharing is caring so please like me on social media. Tell a friend about this site it would be greatly appreciated.

All the best,


P.S. I am going to go ahead and drop a link to our new Affiliate Store please have a look inside. Most of the products I own and use almost daily. So I know there are some good products inside.


You can take a look at one of my other websites by following the link below


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