AffiliFunnels Review 100 Percent Honest Review Of AffiliFunnels

This is my 100% honest Affilifunnels review. I came across this platform as an incentive not to get a refund on another program I’d purchased. AffiliFunnels is a cloud-based funnel creating platform. Let me get my Introduction out of the way, then I’ll get to my review of AffiliFunnels.

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Hi my name is Michaelshows my picture next to description of myself

I’ve been trying to make money online now for over 6 years, it has been a long, rough, road filled with a lot of wrong turns and bad decisions.

I’m definitely an expert on what not to do when building an online business, I know a lot about what you should do as well. Nowadays I write Articles and Reviews, in the hopes that I can spread a little knowledge and save people from making the same mistakes that I did.

Disclaimer; I am an affiliate marketer, I place links throughout the content on my website in the hopes that my readers will click them and make a purchase. If a purchase is made after following one of my links, I could make a little cash at no cost to the purchaser.

A lot of my links offer exclusive bonuses to my readers. Being an affiliate does play a part in what things I choose to write about but not in how I write about them. I will not lie or be dishonest just to make a buck.

Quick Overviewaffilifunnels review

Name: AffiliFunnels



Training: 3 out of 5

Tools: 3 out of 5

Support: 3 out of 5

Price: Retail $195.95 Purchase $49.95

Overall Rank: 3 out of 5

AffiliFunnels Overview

As I started saying at the beginning of this review, AffiliFunnels is a cloud-based funnel building software platform. It is more than just a funnel building platform. You are able to create your own digital products to sell or give away as lead magnets. It builds eBooks using a huge database of PLR articles. It is fairly simple to use, a keyword search and how many articles you want to be compiled is all it takes.

3 Software Tools All Bundled Into 1

Part #1

  • Squeeze Page Builder
  • Create Stunning Opt-In Pages
  • Multiple Stunning Templates To Use
  • Cheapest Way To Build Squeeze Pages
  • Fastest Way To Build Your Email List
  • 1 Click Integration With All Autoresponders
  • 100% Done-For-You List Building Solution

Part #2

  • Digital Product Creator
  • Create Your Digital Product In 60 Seconds
  • Use Our Templates To Get Your Product Started
  • Select Articles From Our Database
  • Turn Articles Into Digital Products Instantly
  • Create Product From Any URL Online
  • Copy & Paste Articles To Create Product
  • Alternatively, Select Ready-To-Go Product From Our Database

Part #3

  • Done-For-You Sales Funnel Creator
  • Build Your Sales Funnel Around Newly Created Product
  • Integrate PayPal Into Your Funnel
  • Get Paid When Customers Purchase Through Your Funnel
  • Redirect All Traffic To Affiliate Offer
  • Funnel Connects Your Products To Optin Page
  • Build Your List & Generate Profits In Minutes
  • 100% Done-For-You Sales Funnel Creator

It Takes Just a Few Simple Steps To Start Generating Leads & Sales With AffiliFunnels


Chose From One of The Various Methods To Create Your First Digital Product


Create Funnel, Add Product, Select Backend Products & Add Your Your Affiliate Links & Payment Details


Follow Our Step-By-Step Training & Tap Into Our Proven Traffic Sources For Instant Viral Traffic To Your New Funnels

AffiliFunnels Training

The training is adequate,  it’s all done with the over-the-shoulder view and walkthrough explanation.  it’s easy to follow and pretty much covers everything including how to link your funnels create products Etc

AffiliFunnels Tools

The tools a pretty good they do what you need them to do. They are easy to use just point and click pretty much. I use this program a lot and it is very easy.

AffiliFunnels Support

supported average I’m having any problems

AffiliFunnels Pricing

You can get started with AffiliFunnels for $49.95. There is a full funnel of upsells when you make your purchase so expect a couple of hundred dollars for the full product.

The Good And The Bad

The Good:

  1. The possibilities seem endless when using this software.
  2. The PLR database of articles for eBooks is huge with many evergreen articles available.
  3. All of the PLR products as of right now writing this article are current and not spread all over the internet.

The Bad:

  1. I do not believe that the PLR products get updated so they are losing value daily.
  2. It takes a little bit of editing to get your compiled eBook worth putting your own name on.

Who Is AffiliFunnels For

This product is for people wanting to add professional style sales funnels to their sales campaigns. It is super easy to use. (Meaning Any Skill Level)

Quick Overview Of AffiliFunnels

Name: AffiliFunnels



Training: 3 out of 5

Tools: 3 out of 5

Support: 3 out of 5

Price: Retail Price $197.95 Purchase $49.95

Overall Rank: 3 out of 5

Final Verdict And Opinion Of AffiliFunnels

As I am finishing this review of Affilifunnels I realize that this product is actually pretty great. I have purchased many products from these guys and for the most part, I am very happy with all of them. Using this product has made my job of being an affiliate marketer much easier.

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In case I haven’t come out and said it, I do recommend this product. I use this product all the time and feel that anyone could really benefit from purchasing it. Thank you for reading my article if you want to read some more of my reviews just click the link below

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