AffiliStores Review Find Out What Is Really Up With AffiliStores

This is my 100% honest AffiliStores review. I came across this platform as an incentive not to get a refund on another program I’d purchased. AffiliStores is an eCommerce store creating program. Let me get my Introduction out of the way, then I’ll get to my review of AffiliStores.

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Hello, my name is Michael, I have been trying to make money online for over 6 years. It has been a difficult journey. I’m definitely an expert on what not to do when building an online business, I know a lot about what you should do as well. Nowadays I write Articles and Reviews, in the hopes that I can spread a little knowledge and save people from making the same mistakes that I did.

Disclaimer; I am an affiliate marketer, I place links throughout the content on my website in the hopes that my readers will click them and make a purchase. If a purchase is made after following one of my links, I could make a little cash at no cost to the purchaser. A lot of my links offer exclusive bonuses to my readers. Being an affiliate does play a part in what things I choose to write about but not in how I write about them. I will not lie or be dishonest just to make a buck.

AffiliStores Review Find Out What Is Really Up With AffiliStores

AffiliStores Review Overview

Name: AffiliStores


Owner(s): Glynn Kosky

Training: 3 out of 5

Tools: 3 out of 5

Support: 3 out of 5

Price: $47 for Pro which will let you build 10 stores

Overall Rank: 3 out of 5

Dashboard screenshot for affilistores review
This is a screenshot of AffiliStores Dashboard

AffiliStores Review WTF Is AffiliStores

AffiliStores is an eCommerce Store builder. So this program lets you build a store and so much more than just that.

  • Build Store
  • Link your affiliate accounts with Amazon, eBay, AliExpress,, Clickbank, and 5 more stores to your store
  • Manage all SEO settings
  • Add blog feeds
  • Write your own blogs
  • Add personal or Adsense banners

I own this product and was already pretty impressed with it, but as I did the research for this AffiliStores Review I decided that I really like this product.

I played around with this program for about a month before writing this review. Making a video on how easy it is to set this program up and have fully operational stores in minutes is on my todo list.

One of the biggest bonuses to me is the ability to perform SEO and write blog content. So with just a little time you get completely free organic traffic to your store.

The Ability to ad Adsense is pretty sweet as well.

AffiliStores Training

The training is decent and easy to follow. It is all done in over the shoulder view videos. Everything is covered so you won’t need support to get up and running.

AffiliStores Tools

The tools are great and very easy to use. Everything is all pretty much point and click with just a little bit of typing to fill in the blanks

AffiliStores Support

The support is satisfactory I have put in a couple of tickets and it usually takes a day or two to get issues resolved.

AffiliStores Pricing

You can get started with the Pro version for $47. As with most products on the market today there is a sales funnel filled with multiple upgrades. I have everything all upgrades and it ran me close to $400 dollars

Here is the Breakdown

AffiliStores Pro $47

  • Instant 1-click SEO Optimized Stores
  • Visually Stunning Themes Based on Latest Design Trends
  • Display UNLIMITED Products From Multiple eCom Platforms
  • Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Walmart,,
  • Product Automation Technology To Find Hot Products
  • Self Updating Stores Powered By Artificial Intelligence
  • 1-Click System Adds Products To Stores on Autopilot
  • Scheduling Feature to Add New Products At Later Dates
  • Live Product Search Across All Affiliate Networks
  • Mobile Response Store Themes
  • Built-In Product Sliders To Display Discounts & Offers
  • Product Management – Products, Categories, Tags
  • Custom SUB Domains – No Hosting Required!
  • Store Traffic Stats Available In Your Dashboard
  • 90 Day Cookie So You Get Paid For Future Sales on AMAZON!
  • Stores Hosted On Our Servers!
  • Related Products Displayed On Product Pages
  • Amazon Reviews Displayed On Product Pages
  • Customers Can Also Leave Reviews On Your Site Direct!
  • Built-In List Building With 1-Click Autoresponder Integration
  • Related Tweets Displayed on Product Pages
  • Banner Ads Displayed At Top of Store To Generate More Revenue
  • Generate Income via Google Adsense On Your Store
  • Fully Customisable Stores (Theme, Store, Logo, Branding, Colour Scheme)
  • Legal Page & Terms + Conditions Generator
  • Industry Leading Support Handled By US Team
  • Step-By-Step Training & Tutorials Included


  • Autopilot System Creates Fresh Original SEO Rankable Blog Content With Store Products Within The Content
  • Blog Posts Created For Singular Product Pages For Traffic
  • Blog Posts Created For Category Pages For Traffic
  • Stores SEO Optimized For Google Rankings
  • Video Curation Reviews Direct From YouTube
  • 1-Click Social Sharing Features For Targeted Viral Traffic
  • Social Share Automation & Scheduling Feature For Viral Traffic

OTO 1 $67
AffiliStores GOLD: Unlimited Stores & Additional Themes

  • Gold Version of App Allows You To Create UNLIMITED Stores
  • Gold Version Includes ADDITIONAL Themes
  • Visually Stunning Themes Based on Latest Design Trends
  • Display UNLIMITED Products From Multiple eCom Platforms
  • Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Walmart,,
  • Built-In Product Sliders To Display Discounts & Offers
  • Product Management – Products, Categories, Tags
  • ADDITIONAL Money Making Features Included
  • MORE Stores Means MORE Commissions
  • MORE Themes Means MORE Commissions
  • Will Save You Hours, Days, Weeks
  • Zero Tech Skills Required
  • NO Website or Hosting Required
  • 100% Done-For-You Solution
  • This Info Is VITAL For You Success!

OTO 2 $67
AffiliStores PLATINUM: Additional Networks

  • Create Stores With Digital Products
  • Select Products From Variety of Affiliate Networks
  • CRUSH It As An Affiliate With JVZoo
  • CRUSH It As An Affiliate With WarriorPlus
  • CRUSH It As An Affiliate With Clickbank
  • CRUSH It As An Affiliate With PayDotCom
  • Take Your Affiliate Marketing To The NEXT LEVEL!
  • Digital Products Have Deep Funnels
  • Deep Funnels Means MORE COMMISSIONS!
  • Generate HIGHER Commissions In Less Time
  • FREE Traffic Via Exclusive BLOG Feature
  • FREE Viral Traffic With 1-Click Social Sharing
  • ORGANIC Traffic With Built-In SEO Features
  • Video Curation Reviews Direct From YouTube

OTO 3 $67
AffiliStores TITANIUM: Conversion Booster Tools

  • Additional Tools That Will Help You SELL MORE!
  • Will Help You CRUSH It With Your Affiliate Store
  • Tools Are PROVEN To Get MORE Sales
  • Perfect For All Affiliates
  • Add Your Facebook Ads Pixel To Your Store
  • Add Facebook Comments To Your Store
  • Add Countdown Timers To Your Store
  • Add Exit Popups To Get More Email Opt-Ins
  • Add Social Proof Popups
  • This Upgrade Takes AffiliStores To The Next Level!
  • Will 10000x Your Profits With This Version!
  • Zero Tech Skills Required
  • NO Website or Hosting Required
  • 100% Done-For-You Conversion Boost!
  • This Info Is VITAL For You Success!

OTO 4 $147
AffiliStores Automated Traffic Flow

  • Done-For-You traffic stream
  • Buyer’s Facebook & Google Ads pixel can be placed on all of our previous sales page and the sales page of the AffiliStores launch
  • Training is included on how to get your pixel
  • Training is included on how to run ads via retargeting to this HUGE audience
  • This is as close as it gets to FREE high converting highly targeted affiliate/MMO niche traffic
  • Our product launches have had well over million unique hits and have generated millions of dollars in revenue
  • Unique never-before-seen type of ONE TIME offer that won’t be around long.
  • Kind of traffic newbies and experienced marketers can only dream of

OTO 5 $297
License Rights

  • The customer gets rights to sell Smart Funnelz
  • The customer gets DFY email swipes to promote as their own product
  • Everything is done for the customer
  • Customer also gets a series of traffic videos to help them sell Smart Funnelz as their own, especially if they haven’t run traffic before
  • Customer also gets access to Glynn via FB and Skype for any future help
  • Perfect for the customer who wants their own product to keep a higher percentage of profits when promoting!

If you are serious about this program and you should be. I would say pick up AffiliStores and the first 3 OTO and you will be set. The other offers are sweet but you will get all you really need to be successful using this software without the final 2 offers.

screenshot of tattoo supply store for  affilistores review
This is a screenshot of my Tattoo & Supply Store

AffiliStores Review The Good And The Bad

The Good:

  1. Run Adsense banners on store page.
  2. Perform SEO on site.
  3. Ability to post content.
  4. Links to 10 affiliate networks to promote product
  5. Ability to add social share buttons to products
  6. Fine tune to get free traffic through search rankings

The Bad:

  1. You are not guaranteed to be accepted to promote products from stores.
  2. Some affiliate networks take a long time to get accepted to promote products

Who Is AffiliStores For

AffiliStores is for anybody wanting to build an E-commerce Store. It is super easy to use. So even if you are not computer savvy you should not have any problems getting things going.

Here is a short video that goes over everything you have just read

Quick Overview Of AffiliStores

Name: AffiliStores


Owners: Glynn Kosky

Training: 3 out of 5

Tools: 3 out of 5

Support: 3 out of 5

Price:$47 to get the Pro version

Overall Rank: 3 out of 5

Final Verdict And Opinion Of AffiliStores

I think that this is an awesome product click the link below to get a copy now!

AffiliStores Pro

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10 Responses

  1. jacobs2 says:


    thank you for your review with a lot of content. 

    I am thinking about building a store and the product description you did about the program “affiliate Stores” is  very interesting. It seems easy to use for beginners.

    Are the number of product per store limited? If yes to what extend?
    With the integrated SEO optimization can you get on the first page of google?

  2. Paul says:

    Dear Michael,

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience which adds more value to this review post.

    AffiliStores Pro $47 features and benefits are numerous. As you mentioned with AffiliStores we are able to write blog content to drive organic traffic is really a big advantage and bonus.

    Building an e-commerce store is on my cards for a long time and I got great insights from your review post. And I must say this review post is very thorough and comprehensive.

    May I ask…

    The $47 we pay is that a one time fee?

    What are the topics covered in the training videos? (If you can give a look around on the training topics or a general overview it will be helpful in making my purchase decision as well). Please advise!

    Much Success!


    • Michael says:

      the training covers everything I have needed to learn. it is not a membership at this time if that is what you are asking.

  3. carlos says:

    It certainly appears to be an easy way to create an E-Commerce store.Your review is timely for me since I am considering expanding my blogging into E-Commerce stores.I would like to know if they offer any tools that would allow you to select the most profitable products.Are there limits in the number of products you can offer in a store? The price of the software of $47.00 is one fixed price.How about the support after  you purchase the software.Do you have to pay extra for the support? I think that not having to pay a monthly fee is a great advantage.After a few stores you probably would not need further support.

    • Michael says:

      Carlos, I have been adding e-commerce to my blog and it is a pain. I use AffiliStores and it is nice. 

      No limit to products. I had to do my own research on profitable products.

      Support is great and you don’t pay extra for it. And you are right after a couple of stores you have it figured out.

      The training is really awesome as well. 

      I will go back and add this to my review

      initial purchase $47.00

      1st OTO Unlimited Stores    $67

      2nd OTO Additional Stores  $67

      3rd OTO Conversion Building Tools  $67

      4th OTO Automated Traffic $147

      5th OTO Resellers Rights $297

  4. Ronald L Washington says:

    Your topic is very important for those in the online business space. Your review of affiliates was explicated excellently. How did you come first get exposed to this? I also enjoyed your details about AffiliStores Training. Specifically, I was impressed by the Tools, Support and Pricing explanations. Is the $47.00 startup fee all the fees or is there annual billing? Was the $400.00 you spent the entire amount?

    I had never heard of Affilistores before today. I like the fact that provides links to 10 affiliate networks to promote the product. Is that automated or do you have to go to each product and sign up and grab a link that you have to paste into your website?

    In general, the topic of online businesses, especially affiliate marketing is a good one. Most of us can identify with the idea of making passive income.  I am a teacher and look at an online business as a way to eventually get out of the classroom. I recently signed up to Wealthy Affiliates as well and I am very impressed by the potential to help people and earn money while doing it. You do a great job of explaining beneficial elements of WA in individual web businesses.

    God bless you and great job!

    • Michael says:

      It is all automated you have to join the network and get your API to enter it in the system. To add products after you click on the store perform a search and a list of products with the name searched appear. Then you just click a box next to products you want to be added hit save and they are all in your store.

      You can also set up to add new products on a schedule of your choosing all automated.

      When a customer clicks a product it sends them to the network where you found the product to complete purchase under your affiliate link.

      With the purchase of upgrades, you get unlimited stores I have built 10+ with many more planned.

  5. Joseph Stasaitis says:

    Thanks so much for these great insights within the AffiliStores Review.  You have given good information on the pros and cons of this program.

    This is certainly a much easier way to build an E-commerce store.  It is good to know that you used this product before creating this review.

    Getting organic traffic to your story through content and performing SEO is quite advantageous.  The addition of Adsense does not hurt either.  This is pretty much a business in a box.

    Training, tools and support are important in this type of program.  The entry price is reasonable and the upgrades affordable.  Thanks for this information.

    • Michael says:

      Yeah, I use this product and have several stores up and running it is a great program that has already paid for itself many times over.

      Definitely worth checking out.

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