Build Your Own Website With Email Marketing Option! Part 1

Building a website is not as hard as you might think. With just a little forethought and planning, you can make this process even easier. Keep in mind this is just a way to build a website not the only way to build a website.

Hi, my name is Michael. I haveshow image related to text been an online marketer for a while now, I have multiple websites that I built. I do know what I am writing about. When starting out in my online endeavors, good information was hard to find. I am trying to make things easier for new online business owners than it was for me.

Before getting started I need to get a couple of things out of the way. The first being you can build a website for free, but this is not recommended by me. When first started building websites I tried doing everything free what I found out was that free makes things harder.

You want to build a successful website right? When you use free services you have to come up from behind so to speak. SEO and search rankings are affected by using free services. Do you really want to shot yourself in the foot before the race even starts?

The other thing is throughout this process you are going to be opening multiple accounts with multiple passwords. Open your notepad and start a list of important things like user names with passwords. This will be a lifesaver in the future.

I use all the products and services that I recommend, They are all inexpensive and easy to use. 

They are not required to build your site, If you have products and/or services you want to use go for it. This walk through has some product specific steps but the process is pretty universal.

We are going to be building a blog/article writing website. This type of site has great income earning potential. Once set up it’s pretty easy to run and maintain even if writing is not your thing. I will give you some tricks and tips to make your article writing easier, but not until later in the article.

Decide your niche and website name.

The first thing you want to do is pick a niche. Your niche is who you will write your articles for and promote products and services to. I recommend you pick something you know about because It is easier to promote and write about things you know.

It’s good to pick a couple of different niches if possible, that will make finding a name for your website easier.

Once you have a couple of niches picked out head on over to and start to search some possible domain names for your website. I bought all of my domain names from Namecheap. You can pay as little as 88 cents. When deciding on your domain here are a couple of things to keep in mind.

  • Whenever possible .com is the best way to go. Authority and trust are more easily given to this suffix. You can still build a successful site with other suffixes.
  • Shorter is better. Shorter is easier to remember.
  • The name has to make sense be easily understood.
  • Your website name is for your customers and readers not for you. You are looking for a name they will relate to your niche and be easy to remember. Its gotta be easy to pass on to their friends and other people.

Once you have a good name go ahead and open an account and purchase your domain name.

Let’s get your domain hosted

Web Hosting can make or break your online future. I use Interserver and I strongly recommend you use it as well. It is cheap only $5 a month and if you use my link you will get your first month for only 1 cent. You can read my Interserver review here

My link to Interserver is on my resources page and at the bottom of my review. Link to resource page here.

Hopefully, you go to Interserver and buy your web hosting, you will need to enter your domain name during the purchase.

Once you have purchased a domain and web hosting we need to get them to “handshake” or interact together. To do this you will need to open both Namecheap and Interserver in different tabs on your browser.

On your Interserver tab go to the webhosting tab, your domain should be listed there. The right side of your domain click on the blue settings icon, this will take you to your domain overview. On the middle right side of the page, you will see a banner that says DEFAULT DNS SERVER. Under that, there will be 2 codes that start with dns copy the first code.

Build Your Own Website With Email Marketing Option! Part 1

Open tab for Namecheap, log in if you haven’t done so already. Namecheap should be open showing either the dashboard or domain list you should see your domain in the list click on the manage button on the right side of your domain name you want to link to your Interserver account.

You should now be looking at a list of options for your domain. About the middle of that list, it says NAMESERVERS to the right of that is a downward pointing triangle click that and pick custom DNS. Now paste the code you copied from Interserver in Nameserver 1 slot.

Go copy the second code from Interserver and paste in Nameserver 2 slot. Hit the green checkmark to the right side of that and you are set. It could take a couple of hours for the 2 sites to start working together. While you wait for that go and open your GetResponse account.

GetResponse is your online marketing solution

So GetResponse is great and they let you try the service for 30 days. You can read my GetResponse Review here

Go to my resource page and click the button under the GetResponse description to get started with them.

Once you have your Getresponse account open we are just going to put that on hold.

By now Interserver and Namecheap should be handshaking, let’s go open your Interserver account and build your initial website.

We are going to build your site using WordPress its open source and has hundreds of thousands of plugins that can make running your site easier.

In Interserver you want to get to the page you copied your 2 default DNS server addresses from. That page is under the webhosting tab then click settings wheel on the right side of your domain name.

Build Your Own Website With Email Marketing Option! Part 1

On the left bottom side of the page, it says LOGIN TO CPANEL, go ahead and click here then scroll down to the software section and click the Softaculous App Installer icon. When that opens you should see an icon that is a W with a circle around it, click on it then click install.

On this page, we want to enter your website name and description. Change user name and password. You don’t want your website password to be so easy to hack. Click box for disable if multiple login attempts. Scroll down a little more and hit the install button. 

Wait a little longer and boom you have a website online.

At this point we are going to take a break. You have got a lot accomplished. We will jump right back into it next article.

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