Commission Shortcut Review – An Honest Review

This is my Commission Shortcut review. If you are thinking about buying Commission Shortcut the online funnel building program you might be interested in this Review. I dropped over $150 on it keep reading to find out if it was worth it.shows box of commission shortcut

And No I’m Not Going To Lead You On For The Whole Article: I will tell you what I think after 2 more paragraphs.

Hi, I am Michael I have been online trying to make some money for over 5 years now. I have bought my share of bogus products. I write my reviews and articles in the hopes I can spread a little knowledge so other people don’t make the mistakes I should have avoided.

Commission Shortcut Review Quick Breakdown

Name: Commission Shortcut


Price: Price starts at $19.95 for the bare bones Commission Shortcut access.

Owner(s): Says Superwarriors on my digital receipt

Tools: Conversion tools, email swipes, DFY funnels, and build your own funnels

Training: Over the shoulder view videos that are easy to follow

Support: Average

Overall Rank: 75 out of 100

I said 2 paragraphs so here is what I think. With money to invest in this program, all the upgrades, and the traffic to run through your funnels you will be very happy with this program.

If you don’t have traffic or enough money to invest in the full program this one is not for you.

Even if you have a good traffic source, you might still want to give it a try. Traffic is going to be your biggest obstacle with this system.

Commission Shortcut Product Overview

Commission Shortcut is a funnel building platform for use in affiliate marketing. It gives the ability to mesh your sales page with a bonus reward page w/ PLR rewards. Done for you funnels with various JV zoo, Warrior+, and Clickbank products.

Bare Bones is severely lacking with just DFY funnels. Upgrading adds all the things that make this product any kind of solid investment.

The majority of the bonus material that you can add is evergreen PLR. It is all recent and not spread all over the internet.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

#1 The clickable add free bonuses to your funnel option.

#2 Did I mention the list 100+ free bonuses to add to your funnels

#3 The Facebook integration to convert your leads into sales

#4 Can build your own funnels.

The Bad:

#1 Have to join JV zoo, Warrior +, and Clickbank to promote DFY funnels

#2 You have to add a bonus page as a custom thank you page.

Who Will Like Commission Shortcut?

As I already let you know if you have good traffic sources and the capital to invest in the whole program. This is a great system that will save you lots of time and effort.

If you have good traffic I think you could do alright with only the basics but I would feel like I was handicapped without all the extras.

Commission Shortcut Tools

Most of the tools are only available with the purchase of the upgrades. You can build funnels with the Pro or basic package. If you want to get the most out of this product you need to go all the way and purchase all of the upgrades. Then you can do some pretty awesome things with your funnels.

Commission Shortcut Training

The training is decent. It is all videos in an over the shoulder view as you are walked through all the tools and options available. It was easy to follow and I had no problems setting things up.

Commission Shortcut Support

I had to get support a couple of times and I would say that it was about average. I think that I am used to getting over the top experience and their support wasn’t that, but it was ok.

Commission Shortcut Price

The pricing starts at $19.95 for Pro with upsells for Platinum, Titanium, Diamond, and Resellers Rights. For everything well above $300

My Final Opinion of Commission Shortcut

commission shortcut screen capture

Since my website is for new business owners my final opinion on the Commission Shortcut is that you might want to give this program a try. It has kind of grown on me over time. I use it more and more every day.

If you have experience in sales funnels or have your business up and established then Commission Shortcut has some stuff you might like.

Commission Shortcut at a Glance One More Time

Name: Commission Shortcut


Price: Starts at 19.95 and then goes up steadily

Owner(s): Superwarriors

Tools: Conversion tools, email swipes, DFY funnels, and build your own funnels

Training: Over the shoulder videos that are easy to follow

Support: Average

Overall Rank: 75 out of 100


Legit but read the review. If you are interested in getting The Commission Shortcut, have a look at our Affiliate Store.

Affiliate Store

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12 Responses

  1. rmjia says:

    Thank you for sharing your review on Commission Shortcut with great details. You have mentioned that you have spent over $150 and the price starts at $19.95. I’m curious what other package they have that you have used over $150 and if it is useful once I have more traffic. Thank you again, Michael!

    • Michael Bemis says:

      they have pro 19.95

      platinum discounted 30

      titanium discounted 30

      diamond 17

      and I got discounts because I refused the first offer. And when I say you need traffic I am talking about traffic other than the organic traffic you get from rankings.

  2. Andres Agudelo says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I was checking on the tool but i didn’t know if I should pay for it or not. You have cleared my mind to go in the right direction. I guess, once I get some traffic and my business up and running I will give it a try, as I don’t have that much money to risk on that page. Very informative article. 

    • Michael Bemis says:

      Thank you for the comments.

      I didn’t like Commission Shortcut at all at first but after having and using it for a while it has grown on me a lot, It is all about getting the conversions from leads. You need the leads to convert to make sure you have regular traffic. I would also suggest this program for people who have a good email list.

  3. Miss Momo says:

    So this might be a stupid question, but I don’t really get what the Commission Shortcut site/program does? I know what a funnel is and I get why it’s important to understand where you traffic is dropping out but how do Commission shortcut help with that? Or am I way of the road here? I thought since your page is for newbies maybe more people than me are wondering. 

    • Michael Bemis says:

      That’s not a stupid question at all. Commission Shortcut makes building a funnel very easy and simple. If you do not have it and you want to create a sales funnel you would have to create pages on your website. A sales page, a bonus page, you would have to link those pages. You would also need pages for your upsells and add copy to all those pages. Or you could have Commission Shortcut and just click a couple of times and promote the link that it gives you.

      I hope this helps you out, I think that it does address your question.

      Thank you for your comments and for checking out my article.

  4. Adyns68 says:

    Hi dear

    I like your presentation, it is very effective.

    I see that commission shortcut has a facebook integration, how does it work? Because, I have seen that lately facebook has been rejecting ads campaign leading directly to affiliate links or even landing pages. Is there a possiblity to create a funnel which can appear like a website to facebook? Maybe using a custom URL.


    • Michael Bemis says:

      the integration doesn’t help with adds it helps with getting conversions as it lets you display facebook comments on your sales page so people know what is being said about your product on Facebook. I know about it being hard to get Facebook to run affiliate adds. After setting up your funnels with Commission Shortcut I know that it gives you a webpage link to promote your funnel. I know from experience that if you create a sales page on your website and promote that page Facebook has let me run my adds

      Thank you for your comment I appreciate it very much so.

  5. Igor says:

    Hi Michael!
    Thanks for sharing the Commission Shortcut Review. It is the first time I came across this opportunity. As in any other online business you need the traffic to succeed. The CS program needs it also, It is one of the biggest issues to resolve of any affiliate marketer. The price seems to be affordable but the program offers nothing more than many other programs as well. You say the support is below average. Nowadays, it is important to have great support. The online users are spoiled. The choices on the internet are numerous. However, if someone wants to have some tools and DFY systems in place, this opportunity might be fine. Still, creating the flow of traffic is an obstacle to overcome. But, as said before, it is an important task of every online marketer.

    However, informative post. 

    Best regards,

  6. RoDarrick says:

    Hi, thank you for taking your time to review this commission shortcut Review. Firstly, I like the fact that this review is your honest view from this product as a result of your experience. But, I’m still a rookie blogger and even though I would love to drive enough traffic to my website, this seems a little high for me. But I’ll still keep it in my possibility list for future purpose. Thanks for this

  7. Andy Zeus Anderson says:

    My biggest issue with programs like this is that you have to promote the products and services they choose. The set up is nothing original to you and you can’t get them ranked in search engines because of this. Funnels work but you need newer cutting edge products and ethical bribes worth the buyer’s investment. My question would be are you familiar with how up to date those 100 PLR products are? Have they been sold under a dozen different names and are they offered with giveaway rights so they are free on thousands of pages?

    • Michael Bemis says:

      You called it for sure the bonus products which I downloaded all of to check out, are current and relative to today’s market. However, I am pretty sure they get around the internet. They are free and meant to be given out as a bonus for purchasing a product. If they had value I think they would be trying to sell them.

      You are also right about getting them ranked that is why I stressed needing your own traffic sources.

      I hope I answered your questions which are great questions. thank you for commenting on my article.

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