Email Copywriting Strategies To Make Money Every Time

When it comes to email copywriting, it can be frustrating, especially if you lack effective writing skills.

It is important that you learn the basics of email copywriting, especially if you want to get better.

When it comes to online marketing and knowledge, the two virtually go hand in hand.

It is necessary to approach writing proper email format differently when it comes to this form of copyright.

It is important that, if you want to succeed with this marketing, but you do things the right way.

So when you aspire to write great Email Copywriting Strategies To Make Money Every Timeemail copy, you need to practice and use the right information.

Subject Line Needs To Grab Readers Attention!!!

Anytime you do your email subject line, there are several strategies that you should implement each time.

Whatever message you are sending to your audience on your list, align your email subject line with that.

For example, the most prevalent approach with subject lines is hitting them with a feeling of urgency.

Tell A Story – Don’t Just Try To Sell Products

One thing is to mention the very short duration or window they have today. Also, at the beginning of the subject line, this is where you want to put your most prevalent information. That is obviously the first thing that will be read, most of the time.

Once they open your email, you need to hook them, and this is how you do it. You can actually add in different conversations to the email body of text. Let’s say that you are releasing a new product very soon.

What you want to do is mention it, but you don’t want to necessarily promote it at the moment.

Telling a story is a great way to introduce your product. You should do that instead.

Perhaps you could mention an industry expert, telling them what they have to say. Make it relevant and interesting, and then in a few days, you can remind them about it when you introduce your new product.

You can also give a hint in the first email that you are talking about this for an important reason and then say nothing more about it.

Ask Questions To Get Reader Involvement

Now let’s look at some tips on how to, with your next email series, add an interactive component to what you send out.

Whatever you discuss in the body of your email should also ask a few burning questions. Get people stirred up and tell them you want to know how they feel.

Also, people like to read about people similar to themselves.

The body of the email should contain some type of research paper or story that relates to how people may be feeling.

The goal is to make people relate to the individuals and the stories or reports that you send out. Achieving this effect is not that hard.

Copywriting Can Be Difficult To Do Well

Copywriting sells your business. There is no way to get around this. Success cannot be limited to having just a website.

People need to buy your products, and you need to write things and post them on your website. The writing that you do to sell these products is copywriting.

You have to have a high level of skill to actually do copywriting. It takes dedication and practice to get very good.

It’s okay that some people cannot actually do this. That’s why there are professional copywriters.

If you want to do copywriting at a professional level, or at least strive to reach that goal, here are a few tips and tricks on how to get there.

Ask Yourself, “Does This Make Me Want To Purchase?”

Construct your copy so that you would buy what you are selling. This is a fancy way of saying that if you wouldn’t buy your products based on your copywriting, why would anybody else?

Surely, copywriters have convinced you to try new products at some point or another.

The same principles hold true when you’re the one writing the copy. Every marketer also buys plenty of things sold by others.

The trick is to try to play both roles at the same time when evaluating your own copy. With every statement you write, ask yourself, “does this help convince me?” Anything that fails this test should be deleted.

Do not be afraid to be extreme. Everyone knows the cliche that trying to please all of the people all of the time is only good for pleasing none of the people any of the time.

This happens with copywriting as well. If you try to make everyone who reads it happy, you’ll just sound vapid and boring.

You want to make people excited about the things you are offering. This means that sometimes you’re going to have to say things that are controversial or extreme or edgy. Honesty is really important but it is possible to be exciting and honest at the same time.

Accept The Fact That We All Write Terrible Copy At First

Accept the fact that you are going to create a terrible copy the first time you write something. This is true no matter what kind of copy you create.

It doesn’t stop being true–no matter how often you decide you want to create something. Your first draft is always going to suck.

That is how writing works. Good doesn’t come until the editing and polishing process. So, for the first draft, the goal is to get your ideas out on paper. Don’t even think about trying to make them good or eloquent yet.

Be Persistent And Never Give Up

All people who get involved in business need to learn, if nothing else, the basics of copywriting. Here is the good news: so long as you work hard and consistently at it, you can become a great copywriter.

In fact, if you’re willing to put in the work, you can even be great at copywriting. The primary trick is to not ever give up. These tips are just the beginning.

The more work you put into them, the more you will be able to learn.

You may have noticed that some email copy tips in this article have not only been around a while but have been profitable for many. When it comes to email list marketing, your success goes beyond the copy that you write.

Of course, the copy that you write is important, but you need to pay attention to other things, lest you become a failure in Internet marketing.

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4 Responses

  1. Josie says:

    You’re so right when you say your subject line must hook people! In this day and age there are so many interesting and exciting things for people to read in the short spaces of attention span that people have these days. I think this has been the most difficult part of copywriting for me so far; being able to command attention with just those first words, because if they aren’t hooked within the space of 3 seconds, then you’ve lost them, no matter how good the rest of the writing is.

    • Michael Bemis says:

      It is hard to write a hook, especially if you want to remain ethical and not be dishonest in your email marketing campaigns. I think that once your build trust things get way easier as people know what you’re about and want to read your emails without all the effort. I try to put valuable info in my emails and don’t worry so much about the copy.

  2. Chris says:

    I’ve pretty much 100% walked away from email marketing these days, as there appears to be a lot more opportunity with simple content marketing online (where I create my income). In my day though, I did see a certain degree of success with building a list etc. 

    My most successful email heading was simply: “Don’t Open This Email”. 

    Sounds ridiculous really but about 40% of the recipients actually went ahead and read the message within the mail, after reading the title! 

    What’s your most effective email heading to date?

    • Michael Bemis says:

      Don’t Open would be the best. I to have moved away from email marketing but I still use it. Mostly because it is part of the services I get from GetResponse. I use GetResponse for so much more than that, I should probably update my review of them. They help with all my marketing campaigns not just with email as I can create sales funnels and so much more. Needless to say, I like them a lot.Anywho thanks for comments greatly appreciated

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