My GetYourChatbot Review What Is A Chatbot

This is my GetYourChatbot Review. I own this product, use this product, and promote this product. I recommend it for anybody with a getyourchat homepage version 1

We should just call this Michaels GetYourChatbot sales page if you are really interested in getting a chatbot for your website I can hook you up with a sweet deal.

I am Michael,  this is my article this is my website. I’ve been online for a show image related to textwhile now,  I know a lot about building an online business. I know a lot more about how not to build a business.

I write my articles and reviews in order to help new online business owners learn new things and hopefully avoid some costly mistakes.

Here Is My Completely Biased GetYourChatbot Review.



Owner(s): Myself / Michael Bemis

Training: No Training As This Is A Service

Tools: Questionnaire to be filled out by the client

Support: I hope I am doing a great job

Price: Negotiable

Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

What Is GetYourChatbot?

GetYourChatbot is a service where we help customers add chatbots to their websites. We take what the website owner would like to get from their chatbot, build that bot, maintain and update that chatbot, and help integrate into your website.

show homepage of version 2 What is Chatbot? A chatbot is a service, powered by rules and Artificial Intelligence, that your customers interact with on your website. See the little chat icon at the bottom of the screen that is one of my chatbots.

Chatbots are used to give your website visitors a better experience and boost conversion rates. My bot is set up to get people to share my site on social media.

Chatbots are pretty much the future of customer service. It is estimated that by 2020 you will spend more time interacting with bots online than speaking with your spouse.

GetYourChatbot Training

As this is a service there is no training needed

GetYourChatbot Tools

The only tool is a customer questionnaire to help me build your custom bot.

GetYourChatbot Support

I am your customer support and I am the best there is, I will work out whatever issues might come up. I also offer a money back guaranty

GetYourChatbot Price

Price is going to be negotiable. Until we start corresponding and I start figuring out what you are looking for I can’t say what the cost will be. I do know that as the owner/operator of this service I can beat any price out there for the same service.

The Good & The Bad

The Good:

  1. Once built add bot to site with just a little bit of code.
  2. Boost your websites customer interactions
  3. Boost conversion rates

The Bad:

  1. No Facebook messenger bots available yet
  2. Only bots for websites

Who Is GetYourChatbot For?

I would say that GetYourChatbot is for any website owners that want to addshow version 3 of homepage a chatbot to their site. If you want a custom managed bot then this service is for you.

I know that in order to keep your site up to date sooner or later you will add a bot to your site. The question you need to ask your self is whether you want a managed bot or you want to manage your own.

If you want to manage your own bot you should check out my review of ConversioBot.

ConversioBot Review – Every Website Needs A Chatbot

Let’s Do A Quick Recap

Name: GetYourChatbot


Owners: Myself/Michael

Training: No Training Needed

Tools: Customer Questionaire

Support: The Best

Price: Negotiable

Overall: Rank: 90 out of 100

Final Verdict And Opinion: LEGIT/NOT LEGIT?

I know GetYourChatbot is legit.  I think that the only real question is when you decide you want a chatbot on your website, who from or how will you get your chatbot?

GetYourChatbot is a service to help you get a managed chatbot for your website. If that is something you are looking for, check out my website for GetYourChatbot.

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