My InterServer Review Inexpensive Web Hosting and More

You don’t have to read my whole article to find out what I think about Interserver. As is my way I drop my opinion at the top of my review then if you are still interested you can read the rest.

My Review Of Interserver - Is It Any Good?


Hello, my name is Michael. I have been online trying to make money forshow image related to text many years now. I write my articles and reviews because I want to help New Online Business owners to be successful, I write my honest opinions feel a lot of pride in that.

Now that I have introduced myself lets get to my Interserver Review.

I like Interserver and recommend it. I have used Interserver since building my very first website and still use it to this day.

Keep reading my review and I will get into more detail about this awesome platform or you can click my link and get started using Interserver now with an exclusive introductory discount.

Overview and Rankings

Name and URL:

Usability: 7.5 out of 10

Tools: 9.8 out of 10

Training: 0.0

Support: 0.0

Price: $4.00/month(3years) or $5.00/month

Overall Rating 8.8 out of 10

So What Is Interserver?

Interserver is a paid web hosting platform. So when building a website you acquire a domain name and have to host your site somewhere to get it online. That is where your web host comes in.

There are free options for web hosting but I do not recommend any of them. Read my article Selecting a Proper Web Host – Can Make Or Break Your Online Business Plans for more info on that.

I have used Interserver since building my very first website. I had no skills back then and was still able to get things up and running. My first website is still on Interserver to this day.

The Tools Available At Interserver

The tools available at Interserver are great. They have everything needed to host your successful website. In fact, there are so many tools available that there is no chance of me covering them all.

I will say that I love the backend access that the tools at Interserver let me manage. You can manage the files, add subdomains, set up email accounts, install WordPress, and many many other things.

I think that it is better for me to say that I have never needed a tool that I could not find on Interserver.

My Review Of Interserver - Is It Any Good?


The training is average. I think you might want a little experience with web hosting before buying Interserver.

You have to find out how to do things using their help and FAQ sections and some times that can be a pain.


I never needed to contact support so I am not sure how good it is. I was able to use help and their FAQ’s to solve any problems that came up.

The Price

The price is reasonable starting at $4/month(for three years) or just $5/month.

My Overall Rating

I am giving an 8.5 out of 10. As previously stated I use Interserver. I do recommend it. Thank you for your time, I hope like my reviews and come back to read them again and again.

If you are new to online business and or web hosting.

I strongly recommend that you check out one of my other reviews.

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19 Responses

  1. annunci69 says:

    I liked your review of interserver, very easy to read and understand. Indeed I understood that you do not suggest it to everybody, but only to advanced users. I think the price is correct and affordable. Thank you for this review, it saved me precious time

    • Michael says:

      When I first started using interserver it was the first time I ever used a web host so it is possible to use with no experience. I just think that some experience would make using Interserver a better experience. thank you for your comment on my review.

  2. Strahinja says:

    Hello and than you for this informative article. I heard about this company but I was not sure what it actually offered and were it any good. That is how I stumbled upon your review.

    You obviously had very good experience with them, since you gave them 8.5. What I’m worried about is that fact that it is intended for intermediate and advanced in this field. I am a complete newbie and this might be the problem.

    Is there any alternative to complete newbies?


  3. Jannatul Ferdaus says:

     I have read this article very carefully. I got very important information in this article . This is the most popular web hosting plan that website owners use, because of its inexpensive price .Inter server offers many special features to all of its customers in all available plans. like 7/24 technical support, advanced protection for customers data, Free Website Migration, Site Pad Website Builder. and many more.I like your post and thank you for sharing this information.

  4. Felicity says:

    I like the fact that the review on interserver is brief and precise article. I think interserver is worth giving a trial as it is really affordably cheap for anyone who would like to use as a host. Unlike other host that are really costly to use. I will also consider using interserver as my host after getting my domain for my site. Great job

    • admin says:

      i still use the platform to this day.  they have a great affiliate program I just didn’t want to promote that in my review

  5. Augusta says:

    It does make quite a sense to why there’s no training resources on their server. The server only charges 3 or 5$ a month, that it’s very cheap compared to servers such as WA. They will properly need money to fund those training resources.

    Thank you for the review. People can acquire basic knowledge from somewhere else such as WA and use that kind of a server since it is a server that works according to your rev.

    • admin says:

      all their money goes into affiliate program I think, it’s pretty good.  I just didn’t want to promote affiliate program in my review

  6. Destiny says:

    Hi, I’m always happy whenever I see articles like this, I’m a newbie in anything websites building and hosting, and believe me I’ve been learning very fast, I’ve not heard of this interserver dot net before and I will be glad to have an idea of it and how to go about it, I will save this post for later review because I may want to contact you for proper insight. Thanks. 

  7. CohenBeckett says:

    Your honest review Of “interserver” Is really concise and very easy to read and understand. I love the fact that you stated categorically that those who are new into web hosting shouldn’t try it but only intermediate and advanced users can try it out. I think the price is fairly cheap and affordable though. Thanks so much for this lovely write up. Cheers!

  8. Coach says:

    Straight up and to the point. I like how you stayed focused and gave relevant information on the web hosting platform, interserver. The fact that you you also use it brings a level of legitimacy to the review. It may not be perfect but you used good judgment and fairness and did not bash it. Your readers may very well be interested in having a look at it themselves and that is the point of a review, isn’t it. For the reader to get some valued information and made their own decision. Good job. I like the review and your website.

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your review. yeah, I have so much going on, I don’t have time to draw things out. I’m sure I will be known for direct and to the point thanks again

  9. Matt's Mom says:

    Wow with zero support, I would not want to use this for my web hosting.  If I ran into any kind of problem, which I have with my current provider, I would want immediate resolution.  I get that now, so I am quite happy with my current web hosting.  Although the price for this is very reasonable.  I guess you get what you pay for.  If you don’t need training or support, then this might definitely be worth it.

    • admin says:

      They have support I just never used it. The site has been up and running no downtime or any technical issues that I would even need support for. I just sat down and figured out how to use the platform trial and error style. I didn’t feel like making anything up just to fill the space.  That’s why I didn’t put anything down.

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