Time Management Is Important So Start Doing It

This is an article about Time Management. How we manage our time affects all aspects of our lives.

One of the main causes of stress in life is time or the lack of it. Not prioritizing and tracking what you do with your time can cause you to lose track of time. When we don’t accomplish the things we need to in a given time frame it leads to stress and anxiety.

It is important to know that you have control over time and with the proper time management you can accomplish the things that you need to. Get more accomplished and find extra time for your personal needs. Implement the following time management principles

Time Management Principles

Know Your Time Wasters

Recognize which activities waste your time. Wasted time is just that “wasted time.” The time that we have left to us is important so stop wasting it.

Figure out time wasters and start to eliminate them from your daily life.

hourglassFocus On Personal Productivity

Start to schedule your day’s activities. Unclear tasks and poor scheduling will cause more loss of precious time.

At first, you won’t know how much time to assign to your daily tasks, but you’ll get more accurate.


Stay In The Present, Forget The Past

Yesterday is gone and a part of history. You can’t get that time back. Life is lived in the present. The choices we make right “Now”  are what decide our future.

Focus on the moment, plan for the future, and forget the time you can’t get back.

Write It Down

A written daily schedule will help you track your time. Track how long it takes to get tasks completed. Make sure and schedule time for yourself. A well-written schedule will help bring balance into your life.

You need something visual you can cross reference your day with. Something to hold you accountable.


Write a list of the things you want to be accomplished each day. Prioritize by difficulty and do the hard jobs first. Don’t let others decide what is more important, You are in charge of your time.

Stick To Your Schedule

Don’t let little distractions throw you off your game. Schedule appointments, create boundaries and stick to them.

Schedule time for checking up on social media if that is what you are into. If it is a part of your schedule it is no longer wasted.

Time Management Affects Our Lives

You will find that once you get your schedule down and are sticking to it that you have more time for yourself and fulfilling your needs.

Make every minute you are awake count. Break your waking hours into 10-minute blocks. Make adjustments for the things that take longer than expected. Adjust for the things you get done ahead of schedule as well.

time management written in markerTake Action

The first step is taking action, then you have to follow through. Before long you will be setting achievable goals and accomplishing them.

Strive for excellence, break your bad habits, take control of your time, use your money more wisely, you will naturally feel more confident and in control.

This life is what we make it. Nobody wants to worry about the time they wasted. So take back your time and remember you are in control of your time.

Most Of Our Lives Are Spent Learning

We spend most of our lives learning and executing what we have learned. Now you have learned a little bit about time management, now execute. You quickly realize you have more time than you ever noticed before.

Something that really helps me is a 7-day schedule. I like to plan out a whole week. We all have our daily routines. I will write the things I do daily into my planner usually Sunday evening.

Then I will write in the things that come up when they come up. I always review the next day’s schedule before I go to sleep every night.

Those 2 things really help me with my scheduling. You now have the knowledge and are prepared to take control of your time.

The following video is one I found on youtube it has some really good information about Time Management Tips.


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This little notepad can be a great tool for time management

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